A Rustic Villager

Being a rustic villager,
I am not able to know
What is going there.
I am here in my village
And busy all days in my
Own works. I am not able
To understand your language,
And also their meanings are
Far from me. This earth is
My mother, I know my mother
Is giving me everything
Including my drinking water
And also food to eat.
I know not what is Government
And what they are doing for me.
I do not want to read and write
As I know the son of my friend,
How he was going to learn
And not returned back again
To the village.
I see the land is barren after
The death of my friend.
I am a rustic village
I am unable to know your
Slogans, songs, etc,
I know only what I am
And how to rear my children.

by Gajanan Mishra

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the innocent rustic villagers are really in peace..