It's In The Prose

Some write to forget
To hopefully reset
“Wish we had never met”
Futile trips on those jets

Some write to praise
A loved one to raise
Well-reviewed plays
Life-altering days

Some write to inform
Of the upcoming storm
Of fashion’s new norms
Of political reforms

Some write to excite
Copy with bite
Vampire frights
Steamy hot nights

Some write to record
History’s violent sword
Miraculous doings of the Lord
Any act deemed untoward

Some write to create
Inspired or fate?
They stay up late
They cancel dates

All write because they must

by Yoni Assis

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Forget what? Your sadness, your shadow, whatever it was that was done to you the day of the lawn party when you came inside flushed with the sun, your mouth sulky with sugar, in your new dress with the ribbon and the ice-cream smear, and said to yourself in the bathroom, I am not the favorite child. great sad10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++x100000000000000000000
Some real intellectuals in here. The only words you can say gay fat little punk in denial transgender kids.
The voice sounds REALLY creepy (the video) The poem is great though So moving and touching : 3
i love this poem [3 keep writing
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