EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

A Sad Christmas Story

The turkey is cooking in the oven
As the family gathers around the table to pray
It's Christmas day and all they can do is cry
The first Christmas without her

A mother, a father, and two brothers
Lost their daughter and sister two months ago
As they stand around and hug each other
Tears are falling everywhere

As they think about the past
Two months before a 16 year old girl commits suicide
How and why they all wonder
The family is lost without her

Without her smiles and her laugh
Without her Christmas spirit
If only they knew the reasons why
They ask God to keep them strong

But deep down inside they all are broken into
Broken and shattered into pieces
For the light they all knew as blown out
They wonder why God took her

They just don't understand
Oh how they wonder each and everyday
Especially today of all days
With the Christmas tree all decorated

With the food on the table
They can hardly eat
As one seat remains empty
Will this family ever find peace

Will they ever find the reasons why
Why this girl they all loved so dear
Shot herself in the mist of that night
It haunts them to the bone

They keep praying and then they read the Christmas story
Of how God sent his son to be born on this day
How Jesus was laying in the manger
Then they question themselves

If they believe in God then why did he let this happen
Why did he let a girl die so young
All the questions fill the air
Maybe one day they will all see that she was hiding everything that God never had anything to do with her dying

December 25,2008

Made Up

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wow.. very touching. great work keep it up.
oh my... just the thought... wow... I could picture the whole thing. greatness! ! Becca
I reallly love this poem. It is very well written-very chilling. please check out my poems http: // Samuel Stuart Pennell