A Sad Life

What a sad life I lead, stuck here on the wall
with two screws in my guts so that I don't fall.
I am only here to hang a basket, one that is full
of flowers; then to be sprayed with water every

by sylvia spencer Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

you do find a poem in the strangest of places...you found one on a peg! ! ! ! ...lovely...but YOU should go on and on even if you hit some people on the nose every now and then...well hit me with a poem anyday! ! ...love...nalini
This is sad and hilarious at the same time. Wonderful description of a wall backet, giving it a life is great. A thoroughly delightful read, and a brilliant write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I agree with Sandra, to personalize somthing in this way and then to add feeling that the reader can interpret, wow! what a gift Love Duncan X
Dear Sylvia, you have such a unique way of bringing inanimate things to life. Praise for your rich imagination., Love, Sandra
Another little masterpiece, Sylvia. I do so appreciate your poems, they are refreshingly different and really funny. Two screws in his guts - how painful, and ready for the scrappy, too. You've got me feeling sorry for the poor thing, ha ha ha. Keep them coming.... Love, Fran xx
The last two lines. They can surely kick. A good poem. Best Regard S.