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A Sad, Mad And Bad Poem
AL (1928 / mountain Ash South Wales UK)

A Sad, Mad And Bad Poem

I stood alone in San Antone
Sadder than a dog who`d lost his bone,
¬cause my best girl, she`d walked out on me.
I was feeling sick `cause of this chick,
There was nowhere for me to put my head
And I`m telling you that`s deal catastrophe.

On the sidewalk wide I sat and cried,
And contemplated suicide,
`cause that sweet girl I loved so,
Then a broad went by with her head held high,
Her skirt was split a mile above her thigh
And very quickly I forgot dear Flo.

She said, “ Hello my dear my apartments near,
Wont come with me and have a nice cold beer”.
`twas offer that I really couldn`t resist
I had three or four, maybe more
Perhaps I even had a score,
I ended up a bit Mozart an Liszt.

She said, “Righto Jack let`s hit the sack,
I want somebody to scratch my back
I followed her, I was cock-a-hoop,
She removed her scants, I took off my pants,
But now the poor girl raves and rants,
Because I had a touch of brewers droop.

I stood alone in San Antone
I was frozen to the bone.
She kept my clothes when she through me out the door,
I was feeling sick `cause of this chick
And now I`ve ended up in the nick,
And I`m a bloody site worse off than before.
Than before, than before, I`m so much worse off than I was before.

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Comments (5)

sad and mad...and this is a good poem
.........bad one Archie.......a real groaner
Wonderful funny poem Archie! I still have tears in my eyes - oh my, your poems are a great find! Loved it! Marilyn
Too funny! ! I loved it. I always enjoy a mid-day chuckle! Keep up the good work.
this is an excellent funny poem. keep it up archie.