In Another World Of Anonymity

it is hard to relate
too taxing since
a name is asked
and you have to tell
a name
or if you are not ready
you make a
invent as many names
as you can
to suit
a particular situation

you can be filled with
guilt sometimes
but it is a normal
to avoid a complication

you become familiar
to all these

you find yourself stranded
a place with no name
people without tags
bodies without tattoos
societies without taboos

you write in your diary
happiness in anonymity
doors without numbers
houses with numerous exits

you reveal that once
they ask for you name
and what you can give
is only a very long stare.


Comments (3)

That speaks to my current lifestyle ever since i have been unemployed i got arrested 7 times
NYC piece of art. Thanks for sharing, you might also check with mine entitled motherland
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.