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! ! A Sad Tale Of Consumerism
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! A Sad Tale Of Consumerism

Poem By Michael Shepherd

I was born poor uneducated trailer trash;
worked myself up by my own efforts;
now I'm rich; but still inside, feel poor...

so last week, I celebrated wealth -
bought my first $20,000 Cartier watch...

now everyone who sees it, laughs...
I wonder why?

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Sorry Michael, You feel So at sea. For you see Where you're born Is of no concern. Sadly your parents May have lacked dollars and cents But money's absence Doesn't make One a 'fake'. Like the watch That is your latest catch, Adorning your arm But to others it warns That here stands What looks like a man But instead is just One who lust For recognition (His only ambition.) Bill come to mind. sid
I just bought a £3 watch in the Superdrug sale. It's pink. And everyone who sees it will laugh. Strictly speaking though it wasn't a celebration of wealth, more a matter of a need to be able to tell the time. t x