Daddy I'M Coming Home

Another night spent in darkness
Beneath this bright full moon,
Voices from the underworld
Where life shall never bloom.

No longer sprouting flowers
Live aside your rotting tomb.
Death calling in the shadows
Of my heart forever loom.

Tears shed by your headstone
Engraved I read my name,
The evil living inside
That shares in all the blame.

So here I stand in silence
Hearing whispers all around.
Haunted by the shadows,
Death waiting to be found.

So now I wish to live in peace
And excavate your buried chest,
Unlock the door and climb inside
So forever I may rest.

by Frank Acquafredda

Comments (3)

Sorry Michael, You feel So at sea. For you see Where you're born Is of no concern. Sadly your parents May have lacked dollars and cents But money's absence Doesn't make One a 'fake'. Like the watch That is your latest catch, Adorning your arm But to others it warns That here stands What looks like a man But instead is just One who lust For recognition (His only ambition.) Bill come to mind. sid
I just bought a £3 watch in the Superdrug sale. It's pink. And everyone who sees it will laugh. Strictly speaking though it wasn't a celebration of wealth, more a matter of a need to be able to tell the time. t x