* A Safe Place On Earth!

A lean black horse
Dressed in red
Turns its head crossly
Towards its itchy rear
Stained teeth bared
Dribbling saliva streaks
Snorting loudly
Spraying angry snot
Convulsing its supple
Facial muscles
Shrugging a slithery fur
One hoof up in air
Whips its tail in ire!

An impish fly
A grey blur with wings
Wringing its arms and legs
In blatant mischief!
Fluttering its wings
A dozen a second
Dodging the whipping
Shooting from one spot
To another, leaping high
Grabs on the horsetail
Swinging to its pace
Cheering itself
For lodging on
The weapon raised
To squash it!
Safest place on earth.
'Phew! ' It mutters under its breath.

by Deva De Silva

Comments (7)

such a cool peom to read.
The saga of the brilliant fly! Thanks much.
What an absolutely enchanting image! Methinks you have quite an affinity for horses - and flies too! ! Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
great poem you have going here!
An educational ride on the horse with you in this piece Deva - and very well put together - - a clever way of dealing with the title 'A Safe Place on Earth' - - love the humour too.....10 Fay
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