DEJ (19th June 1981 / Edmonton, Canada)

A Safe Place To Cry

Sitting at the waters edge
Under a moon lit sky
I find my safe place to cry

Alone at the waters edge
With nothing but shattered dreams
My tear drops fall and join the streams

On my own at the waters edge
I expel all my emotions
My tears drops fall and flow into the oceans

At the waters edge
I shake and quiver
No more tear drops join the river

At my waters edge
With the sunrise, a smile appears
No more pain, no more tears

Find your own waters edge
Your own safe place to cry
And wave your sorrows goodbye

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Comments (4)

It's true you need to find your safe place to release all you energy you are a lovely poet
wow! really nice.i like this po0em a lot.
Awesome poem Donna, I enjoyed reading it.
Donna, I love this poem, it tells a lot about how people always need one place they can be alone to let their tears fall into no where, where they can be alone to let their feelings disapear. Very good job! :) Shelby Jasmin