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A Safer Place
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A Safer Place

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

After Thanksgiving Dinner
her husband Howard
left the kitchen
went to watch
Lawrence of Arabia
then my sister began
“The Zumbergs are the lowest scum
on the face of the earth
more money than God
and they treat you like dirt,
but God loves the Zumbergs
otherwise why would
He make them rich
and make me poor...”
My three year old niece
interrupted my sister saying, “We not poor.”
“No, no, we’re not poor, darling.”
my sister having forgot
Howard was terrified of
that word. Suddenly
a confused and painful look
flooded my sister’s face. “Why does
God love the Zumbergs
if they are the lowest trash
on the face of the earth? This is the question
I ask myself every night
before sleep
not every night
but a lot of nights. Why do such
have so much money? ” She paused
and looked around. No one gave
an answer but by now she’d worked
herself into frenzy, “I’M WAITING.
I could understand it if
they had a shred of decency
but they don’t. The whole DISGUSTING
bunch of ‘em
one worse than the other
five to five I put my pen down
and Arnold...that worm...yells at me,
If I told Howard
he’d go up there and punch him out.”
I said serenly, “There’s no God
no one UP THERE
creates Fate
that’s ours to do
ours alone. I repeat
no God.”
My sister gasped
face turning chalk white
finger pointed at the ceiling
finally saying,
He’s listening.”

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Comments (3)

You build the pictures amazingly.... I am right there in the kitchen.... you capture the everyday painful stuff of everyday life so wonderfully. The internal (alarm?) bells resound so much there's an orchestra going on! As so often on reading your works, I think, thank you Mr CCW.
Charles, That comment about being verbose...I get that one all the time as well as 'tone it down', 'too many big words' and the ever popular 'it's merely prose.' To which I respond 'what the hell's wrong with that? ' Good undertaking!
This is a very original prose-poem. I like it very much, although I prefer tigher verse. This is pretty verbose, but that's only a minor complaint. Overall, the poem is fresh and unusual and has a nice pay-out at the end.