A Sailor's Observation

The sailor stood on the deck of his ship
looking out at the sea, while the sun
blazed a golden yellow hue on the horizon.
As the ship rocked side to side, the
sailor's thoughts drifted, as they
sailed into the setting sun.
"I think the sunset is the best time of the
evening," the sailor thought to himself.
The sun's glorious color reflected its'
light off the clouds and streamed through
the breaks in the clouds.
A sunset as sea is so beautiful
that it takes your breath away.
You cannot see a sunset like this
anywhere else.

by Lynn Henk

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Lynn; Aye: as a sailor, I can remember so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. you poem take me back, I give you a big 10 ps. only during wartime I shiver at the thoughts of sunset, as the time for the enemy to hide in the glare, with restless torpedo's in their tubes. charles garcia