Devil's Wind

The wind blew strong
though not for long
but destruction it hath wrought;
turning white capped swells
into Devil's tails
smashing ships upon the rocks.

Cursed wind, why so angry
casting sailors in the sea?
Your howls so cold and chilling
causing pain and misery.

Damn you to a Devil's end!
What caused your destructive spree?
For ships have been your loyal friend
and sailors your company.

Now wander 'round the earth alone
no place to hide your head;
for you have lost your only friend
and turned blue seas to red.

Condemns you to the depths below
no solace in your tomb.
Seeds of destruction no longer sow-
Return you to the Devil's womb.

by William Henry Jones

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Comments (7)

Lovely poem, we all need that sanctuary to ease our pain. My poem 'Song of Joy' might give som ease. /GG
true so true ma'am and i love and adore most the sanctury in which my thoughts live....very beautiful thoughts thanks 10++++++ rgds asif
Wonderful poem and sentiments Tia! Every poet can find 'a sanctuary' there's always a (safe place) in the arms - of poetry! *10*! ! Best Wishes, Friend Thad
A second home, but always warm and inviting.. Andy 10
Tia, well written. The subject matter is both calming and nice to read.10/10 Ian
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