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A Sandcastle Waits For Your Return

I'm touching you in my minds eye now I don't really know
Where my next few words will go
I just don't know what else to say
I'm crying my eyes out anyway
Girl can't you love me again and again
Just like way back when?
Kiss me hug me tell me you care and 'then'~

We both shared that place on the sand
We built some sandcastles oh so grand
I playfully kissed the palm of your hand
Our destiny together perfectly planned

Dying every day wishing for you to say
Come here because I'm going to stay
Just like way back when
Just like then

There's a sandcastle waiting for it's sand princess
Who won her charms?
Who holds her in his arms?

There's a sandcastle waiting for it's sand princess
My hand has slowly dropped all of the sand
I see nothing there
My life is empty of care

A sandcastle waits for your return
And withers from the wind
My hand wrinkles, ages, weathers and shrivels
Neglect has killed it like an unwatered flower

My sandcastle and all of my dreams
Blow away in the wind

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Comments (3)

Beau - The nice thing about sand castles is that they can be rebuilt over and over again. Lovely poem! Best wishes - Cheryl
I realize this poem is sad. But for me, it also raised such memories of days spent on the beaches as a teen with my date, playing in th sand, wrapped underneath a blanket, getting wet. That young relationship has blown away in the sand, but the memories remain. This was a lovely write.
This is a very sad poem Beau, but also very beautiful. Your use of vivid imagery is excellent. You are a talented writer. I enjoyed this poem. Again it is written with compassion. You seem to have lost someone along the way. That is the impression I get when I read this poem. Take care Excellent Poem!