Deep dark secrets,
You roam the world.
We only tell you once,
But everyone finds you.
Some seek,
Some hear.
But I know every deep dark secret
That roams the face of our Earth.

Alex S.10 years

by Alex Sheets

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Dearest Fay, please know that you will be missed on poemhunter. Your warmth is irreplacable, your poetry rare and beautiful. Read you again soon? I do hope so. Love, SandraX
I tnink Randy's comment will let some space in your sated mind and daughters of Zeus will be back soon. Just look around and you will find muse. Best Wishes Naseer
see you when you get back, by this poem your mind is a treadmill of goodie poems just oil it with a dramdbuie and you will be flying again...luved the poem regards uavanice1
Oh...muse, where have i lost you, are you hiding in a song? oh...muse, are you hiding in a uncreased Book! silly muse are you hiding in that tall glass of wine! mind is racing so where do you look, darken sky, you eyes look.... Lonely orb surrounded by ten thousand charms, Nigh dreams calling you once again, Darkness falls and calms your mind around and around you dance with a old friend, and you laugh, for your muse has been by your side the whole time... You are the real deal! You have hundred more to go for I; m sure of this without a doubt Hugsss kiss' and the warmest wishes! Randy~*~
Enjoy your break. Inspiration comes and goes, and the catalyst is often unknown. I enjoy your work a great deal. I try to write myself out of de-motivation with comedy. Hurry Back, I love the scenes that you paint Steve
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