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A Saying From My Childhood I Recall I Have Heard Said

A saying from my childhood i recall i have heard said
That one never ought to speak ill of the dead
But those words to the living should also apply
A fair go to anyone we ought not to deny
But some never receive a fair go that does seem sad to say
People who do have to live with prejudice every day
In a fair Human World this never would be
Of the unfairness of prejudice some will never be free
Some people in their ways do seem very small
They believe on a fair go for their own kind but not on a fair go for all
The way you speak of others tell of the person you are
The victims of prejudice are left with a lifetime mental scar
And sad to say the fair go to all to all does not apply
Though such a right to anyone we ought not to deny.

by Francis Duggan

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