A Scam Bug

The world is darkening
A sign of global warming
Kidnap victims for ransom
Weather changes at random
People invent luscious fraud
Make our lives miserably odd.

Internet is a blundering
System prone to abusing
Where business contacts
Get deals and other facts
Some real few are scam
After the sum they scram.

Nzi claims as an orphan
Seeks in the net for a man
Then found Marvin's name
Whom she wrote it's no game
Ten million dollars is the fund
She asks him guardian to stand.

From Amidjan, Ivory Coast
To Philippines is quite boast
To transfer the money in full
As though Marvin seems fool
Gives his trust acts with fervor
Only to find out a wasted favor.

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (2)

Nice piece Marvin. Like you, I was also asked by Nzi to be her guardian. Take care
Bad Elements have found a new forum to hunt for victims - the Internet. So we should be cautious when ti comes to on line communications. Good poem.