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A Scary Dream
EVM (April 24,1880 (I wish) / Moscow)

A Scary Dream

Poem By Elena V. Moonray

I had a strange dream this night
That I cut off my finger
And was running around
Looking for a hospital
To sew it back.
They told me there:
According to the newest findings
We don’t anymore
Sew back the fingers.
I was disappointed
I was very scared
My hand looked ugly
Without my middle finger
There was no pain, nor blood
Just no finger
And I was very concerned
About wearing gloves this winter.
I tried to tie it back myself
With a handkerchief
But it did not hold
And I got tired quickly
From doing this monkey job;
And, after giving it a thought,
I decided to become a lizard
And grow my finger back
Like they grow new tails.
With that simple solution
I fell asleep again
Pretty satisfied.
And was very surprised
To see all my fingers there
In the morning when I woke up...
And then I remembered -
My dearest friend,
Is leaving today,
Moving to New Orleans
Leaving me her fish
Named Joy

Nov 5,05

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Comments (2)

great poem, keep up the good work. vince
Was this a true dream, I wonder. Strange ending to a good poem