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A Scary Dream
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

A Scary Dream

Housewives as the nights,
Came through,
The ceiling swung,
And then it grew

Have you ever seen the rain,
Shine blue?
In the Ring Of Fire,
Just for you?

Have you felt that chill,
With dew?
The yellow moon above
sweep through?

Have you sighed that fateful,
Word of doom,
Fallen into that tunnel,
yes it looms.

A whisper blares across,
The room,
The stars come to my eyes, but
I sail through.

A laughing ace of hearts says,
Then dances round and round,
And withdrew.

Have you ever seen brick walls
Of blue,
Stand tall and strong but
I pass through.

Is the hammer big, or is it
The room?
This pounding in my head,
I knew.

The door rushes away, from my field
Of view,
Then comes running back, what can,
I do?

I sit up suddenly, is it,
The relief that dreams don’t ususally
come, true.

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Comments (6)

poem scary hhhhhhhhh
an image to read.Great job. ~Inkweaver
Your use of images in this writing is very strong. It is like things are moving up and back, in, out...and whirling around your head as you suddenly awaken...nice. Scarlett
wow..a nice read! keep those poems coming!
solid, very solid surrealism+frighteningism=good
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