DS (19 December 2000 / Mumbai)

A Scary Pet

A scary pet

A scary pet for me, please bring
A pet that will bite, scratch or sting

A crocodile that will open its mouth wide
No one will trouble me when he is by my side

A slithering cobra, black and dark
An armed octopus or atleast a shark

A dinosaur that has many horns
A porcupine that has sharp thorns

A piranha with rows of teeth
A centipede with lots of feet

An owl with staring eyes
A taruntula that eats giant flies

I know you will not bring even one from these
So may I have a cuddly puppy please!

Name of the poetess: Divyashree Shanbhag
Age: 8 years
Std: IV
School: Gundecha Education Academy
Thakur Village
Kandivali, Mumbai

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Fantastic poem. That too from an 8 yearn old child