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(a) Scattered Brain
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(a) Scattered Brain

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The only one remaining to look strained,
Is that one who has become frustrated.
And upset by the rapid change,
Of current events.
But could not be convinced to prevent,
A getting off a fence.
Where they sat yet warned,
Staying decisively indecisive...
From one minute to the next.
Will soon be gone.
Leaving no trace of this being tolerated.

And those once entertained,
Knowing no substance...
Comes from one like this to gain.
Quickly with a swift abandonment,
Leave they do...
The very one they supported to endorse.
Turning away in droves.
Fleeing from a scattered brain.
That has caused them shame.
Embarrassment, disgust and pain.
To disbelieve the quality of deception,
Had them fighting themselves.
Over someone mentally corrupted,
They trusted.
And allowed.
To weaponized and defend,
Against one another without an end.

Many seem to be awakening,
To realize who it is crazed.
And who were the tools,
Used and played to be fools.
With a hope they can all regain,
A consciousness.
Or some of it left,
To revive and restore.
Back to...

"A normalcy? "

Back to...

"A conformity? "

This is going to be very difficult.

"Why you say that? "

Define normalcy and conformity.

"Compared to what?
I ain't that old."

I'm much older than you.
And honestly...
I don't remember either one of them.
In 'my' lifetime.

Who has those brains,
Left to have not been scattered?
Sherlock! "

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