Nintendo Wii

I bought my rotten stepson a Nintendo Wii.
But then the jerk also wanted me to buy him a Playstation 3.
I told him that money doesn't grow on trees.
When I didn't buy it, he decided to do something bad to me.
He broke all of my records and he smashed my big screen TV.
That pissed me off so I returned his Nintendo Wii.
He's bawling his eyes out, it's a sight that you should see.
I told him if he breaks anything else, I'll put him over my knee.

by Randy Johnson

Comments (3)

I love the light rhythm. This is a good war poem and it's very pointy! Thank you for a delightful read!
An excellent write, I have written a few in the same vein your rhythm and flow go well with the content producing good images to the reader.
You have something really great here.I love the line 'The silence is only in the head Only the eyes can hear. Amazing, so profound.You have certainly earned a 10 here.Love Duncan