Name On The List

He was only six when he heard this word

Rejecting everyone especially girls

Looking at the face lying in the eyes

Now he wares a mask hiding in disguise

Afraid of the one he loved the most

He’s only forgotten and still isn’t known

Wanting to do things he wanted to do

Knowing that sometimes it may even hurt you

He’s only sixteen and really is hurt

Kicked out of house with out a word

Wanting to do something more then usual

He picks up a gun and does the unusual

Twenty five years is just a metaphor

Especially when he’s looking for her

Fucked up on drugs and almost dead

He’s at a mercy of a messed up friend

Awake in the E.R. he has one last wish

He wants to know what happened to the list

A list of everyone that she had loved

And never had the courage to cross them off

Confused in a web of hole bunch of lies

He’s now twenty six and he wants to die

Slowly he takes his last breath he see’s

The only name on the list is his

by thomas coltrin

Comments (3)

I love the light rhythm. This is a good war poem and it's very pointy! Thank you for a delightful read!
An excellent write, I have written a few in the same vein your rhythm and flow go well with the content producing good images to the reader.
You have something really great here.I love the line 'The silence is only in the head Only the eyes can hear. Amazing, so profound.You have certainly earned a 10 here.Love Duncan