NA (15 December 1973 / London, England)

A Sea-Disease

A disease cancelled my dreams,
Inside a dream was this dream,
I gather the affliction was burden
On the mind and soul, burdening me
When others were not. I gather
The cargo of thoughts was overwhelming
And charging my life with electricity,
With current that complains.

It is a life in a shell of the sea,
When direct eels are about me,
They lurch in the depths of the sea
Like the presence of currents
At this moment in my life.
I thought I was inflicted by the scourge
You call the sea unhappiness,
Where we’re in knowledge of movement
And lost limbs to the sharks of the underwater.
This is the disease, that is afterwards
A scourge on this sea of peace.
It cancelled all dreams, all of them.

by Naveed Akram

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