(17 March 1820 - 20 July 1897 / Boston, Lincolnshire)

Epigram 5


The moment of freedom is when
You have to make a choice.
When it is made you are no longer
Free but trapped by your decision.

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user rating so low yet the poem of the day wonder if compy is okay this surely must be the best poem of TO DAY
Simply superb, the rhythm as also the theme of the poem.
The gallant rhythm belies the plaintive heart of the one who must spend her days scanning the horizon for the return of her love. A false bravado fills the sails of these stanzas with a gaiety that must be summoned from the courage of a heart that has no other choice. Winsome and charming, but touches the hollow places where fear and loneliness find their abode.
This is like the sailors' anthem for whom the other name of life is sailing on the sea. Thanks a lot.
Reminds me of the song SAILING popularized by CHRISTOPHER CROSS.. Thanks for posting....👍