HK (june 23 / nigeria)

A Search For Death

off they went three foolish greedy men
in search of death to kill him before they die they mean
onward they went with neither food nor spleen
but for a bottle that soon dried up of wine
everywhere they went they asked of him
but all they heard as they searched in vain
was his name on everyones lip and mane

on the way an old sage they met
whom to a cave yonder directed this set
undearneath the cave, gold coins they met
oh! what a booty all three said and meant
no more looking for death
as momentarily they forget their quest
among themselves off they sent
one to find food for them at least

oh! how deep mens mind are led
for behind his back two in greed
decided to kill the other and share the gold
the other on his way, also in greed
decided to kill the two to have the gold

oh! foolish greedy men
in the end found death but not when they expected
for the other, the two killed
and ate the poisoned food he brought
oh! what a fate befell em all
as all three trussed up and very dead
found death when least expected

by hamid kareem

Comments (15)

I've heard that story before, but not presented in a way so beautiful and touching in a way that the message sinks in. Nicely written.
a moral lesson told in a beautiful way. indeed death will visit at the appointed time for sure. voted10 surya
how ironic. very funny too! hahahha i cant stop laughing at their foolish greed and how they found death. a perfect 10 with no objections.
this is very good. i like it
Nice Poem. The school goers should read this piece because it has an important lesson.
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