A Season Of Lessons And Another Of Blessings

We of fettered soul and body
And of foetal mind and spirit
When our feet gets stuck in a quagmire
Our minds flustered by a swarm of quandary quarks
We count a curse

The givings relinquished
We never remember a tune of melody \Until we hear the sound of melancholy
For the lucky ones the notes plays on
And then we count a blessing

Confined in dark corners
Choked by the stench of the body's refuse
And then,
Sun rays on our skin through the tiny window
of the world that is passing us by

We of flimsy bones
Forget that this life is a medley
it plays on and on
A season of lessons
Another of blessings

by uchenna nnodum

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so wonderful describing life the real meaning of life go onnnnnnnnnn