A Season Of Neglect (Revised)

Poem By Richard Quinby

Looking out my back window today
I saw what this season of neglect has done to my yard
The weeds running wild, the shrubs untrimmed
And all the flowers I so lovingly planted,
Now stunted and wilted.

I turn and walk through a house
Strangely empty now
The walls bare, no toys scattered on the floor
And take some old shorts and a shirt from
a half-empty closet

I think I’ll spent the morning
Weeding, watering and trimming
When it comes to yards a few hours of hard work
Can repair most of the damage done by
A season of neglect


Comments about A Season Of Neglect (Revised)

John, after thinking over your comments I added another stanza which clarifies the theme of this poem
i enjoy your poetry..please keep posting
What I like here is that you use direct language that isn't burdened by artificial poetry, but the notion of 'neglect' needs to somehow reflect the human condition at a deeper level to make the poem come alive and mean something to your reader. Flip the ending maybe and make the damage darker, is an idea.

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