MA (March 27,1951 / India)

# A Season Of Renewal- Spring Is In The Air

The bougainvillea branches drooping with flowers,
Red, mustard, ivory and fushia - riot of colours...
While the poplars and the gulmohar stand bare,
What a study in contrast right here
Just a glance away from my courtyard,
Elated and joyous, I said out aloud.

The old leaves have oh, so gently fallen,
Graciously to make room for the new.
The trees are showing signs of life,
With tender shoots peeping out.

I muse, What will life be without colours?
As spring takes over from where autumn left.
A tiny bird is busy building a nest,
On my clothesline, for the life it carries inside.

It comes at dawn every few minutes,
With a twig or a dry leaf in its beak,
I watch with fascination and utter awe,
As it flits about and with dexterity, weaves...

It is the season of change, birth and renewal,
I too give old thoughts and grudges a quite burial.
As I go about my day I just hum and sing,
And it fills me with a lightness of being.

I don a multi hued dress to celebrate the season
Spring is in the air, and the mood is truly infectious.

Today is the fifth day of Spring- Basant Panchmi festival

Happy Basant Panchmi to all my poem hunter friends


Mamta Agarwal

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (3)

A beautiful way to usher in the advent of Spring! Let me also reciprocate the good wishes for Basant Panchami! 10! -Raj Nandy
ma'm, this is a great poem............................. brilliant usage of words....... Fantasic imagery. 10
the poet's clothes line...the tiny bird- her mind- weaving a clothe with dry leaves- old memories- there... a poem very much reflective...