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(((A Seasons Lessons)))

Through pastel winds of evermore
I blaze my way
Upward and onward
Climbing impossible mountains of chagrin
Crossing streams of past tears shed
Making my way
Across the borders of yesterday
Where heartache was my only friend
Now into the new frontiers of this day
Where gold and russet embrace the ground
And rustle in a richer hued wind
Left behind the Sring pastels
And the youth of Summer times broken dreams

Fall breaks herself wide open-for me
Bonfires of new desires burn hopeful
Hopes raised to the Firmaments abode
Where restless Souls watch and wait
For tomorrow and the cold chill
Of the dark winds of Winters nevermore
Alas, too soon our lives are over
And we are but a vapor of yesterdays love

September 24,2010

The Essence

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