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A Second Chance! ! !

I need a second chance with you as
We have not spoke in weeks
So tell me this why won’t we talk my love
We hasn’t give our love a second chance
To grow and stretch out for our hearts
To explore our love hidden potential
However, our love ends on the second week of
Our chance of love and I regret the day
That I let you go but your friend caught my eye
However, it felt so strong but so wrong
I still have feelings for you but
I tried to drown them with her love
Like a broken dam, that floods the cities
However, it was not as tasteful, caring, or sweet as yours was
As your glare in your eyes has hypnotized me
I wanted you from the minute your eyes met mines
I look at you like a masterpiece with the smile of Mona Lisa
I can’t let our vibe become faded from our past carried
Those terrible lies and falsehoods that we suffer from
I would give the world up for you, as I know you are worth fighting for
Please tell me baby that you still love me
As in my arms is where you belong as no more hiding the truth from you
This time I am going to give us a better chance at love’s judgment
Got rid of everything that I know was hurting us both
I love you like the air I breathe in a quiet clean forest,
The music that hear plays my heart's fulfilled melodies,
In addition, the way my heart craves for you but never stops
Until your love is handed to me as well as your kiss
As your lips tastes like strawberry kiwis, cherries and peaches
Now you see that even my senses want a second chance with you
So give us a second chance and let us show the world that
A second chance is worth the trust and time for anyone
Who wish to be forgiven or for a new…beginning

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One sweet poem, one lucky girl. Amazing job CJ, it was incredible to read. I admire this poem, it was fantastic. H&K's Jessica (:
'A second chance is worth the trust and time for anyone Who wish to be forgiven or for a new…beginning '..this is very beautiful...grace
A very touching piece to share bro.....I've watched you grow from strength to strength my brother into a fine poet.....A pleasure to read your creations....keep expressing...
thats s o sweet whoever that was for is lucky
a sweet anguish in poem.psted 10 surya
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