JP (August 17,1988 / Alabama)

A Secret Love

A secret love inspired by beauty
But denied by another lover.
A plan conspired in darkness
To possibly give him a second chance.
He waits in the rain for the lover
But never sees him as planned.
Time flies by as he waits
When finally the lover leaves his home.
As he follows the lover
His hands become sweaty
And his mind races with thoughts
Of the evil deed he is about to do.
Thoughts of happiness flash by
Along with those of horror
But he justifies this with his love
The lover turns down an alley way.
He pulls the gun from his jacket.
BANG! ! !
He immediately runs home to the woman
Only to find that she is not there.
Days go by he finally goes back
Only to find she is so depressed
That she has not left home in days
and knowing that he will never fill
that emptiness he pulls the gun out.

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Wow! what can I say about this poem that hasnt already been said about Afhganistan? But no, seriously, it was good, and nice, and foreign, and..............................yeah! by the way we are working saturday
Interesting poem, Josh. Who exactly is shot? The woman's significant other? Slightly morbid, but nicely executed. No pun intended :)