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A Secret Of Nature

The dying bird with an injured wing unable for to fly
Will crawl into a hedgerow and hide away to die
Away even from his own kind to have a peaceful end
It's tiny body under cover to decay in sun and rain and wind.

Most animals when near their end prefer to die alone
With the throes of death upon them even their own kind they disown
Those who know much about Nature do ask why is this so?
But Nature's most precious secrets are not for us to know.

Some wild creatures fall victim to predators and don't live to grow old
And the life story of a wild bird or animal has never been truly told
And some fall victim of the gun some humans can be cruel
We are top of the food chain and we abuse our rule.

The injured bird crawls into a hedge for to die in peace and quiet
Away even from it's own kind alone and out of sight
And those who know some things of Nature ask the question why
The injured creature crawls into a hedgerow for to die.

by Francis Duggan

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