A Secret Whisper

I rarely go by bus but when I do
For safety’s sake I choose a seat well back.
Today the bus was crowded like a zoo,
My seat companion wore a plastic mac,

by Pete Crowther Click to read full poem

Comments about A Secret Whisper

Rene Bennett 02 Mar 2007 05:21
Wow! Brilliant! ! I never expected the ending and it was a total surprise. You are an excellent writer! ! (Seriously) Rene'
Robert Howard 26 Nov 2006 05:24
Pardon me while I take a moment to uncringe. Eek, and I have to hop a plane in the morning. Glad you got off the bus safely and were able to tingle our spines with your artistry.
Original Unknown Girl 05 Oct 2006 04:44
Oh the buses of Hull eh? ? You take your life into your own hands when you take this particular mode of transport.... ha ha! ! Good read Peter! HG x
Moon Batchelder 04 Oct 2006 07:26
what a delightful poem...i don't know if i was s'posed to - but it made me tickle and gave me a smile...especially that whisper line...
Arline Richards 25 Apr 2006 09:57
i understand exactly what ur talkin bout in this poem!
Liliana Negoi 07 Apr 2006 02:01
There are things happening next to us, but we find about them only when it is too late...great poem.
Emma Johnson 14 Feb 2006 02:23
You portray the sense of entrapment and looming danger very vividly. Ten. Susie.
Kihindei Adai 04 Feb 2006 06:43
Now you see, that is why I don't ride buses. Between the suicide bombers and the people that snatch your gold chains off as you exit and the bus pulls off....it's just not safe!
Mia Ocean 01 Feb 2006 06:07
Is this a true story? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! That was pretty scary! I loved it!
Velvet Thorn 16 Dec 2005 07:52
Very scary, Peter. This one gave me the creeps. Therefore, I loved it. VT
***** ********* 10 Dec 2005 02:20
OMG! ! Peter, rofl Everyone's worst nightmare travelling companion for sure! rofl Sorry it was very funny though! Now that is what I call dealing with a difficult topic. 10 from creased up Tai