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A Seductive Plunge In Her Slight Elegance........
NC (14 November 1982 / Chandigarh)

A Seductive Plunge In Her Slight Elegance........

Poem By Naveen Choudary

Through mind's deep oceans
Turbulent tides of perceptions and thoughts
Of an Empyrean, a beauty

She's the epitome of love
Seducing the world with her warm lusts

Am a naive, an inhabitant of thorny desert
She savoured a Thorny bush with her love and compassion
Am assuaged by her essence

She's so compact, so close to her ethics
Like a treasure in a lost dungeon

But now strangled in loves spites
Set to Unfoiling her treasure
Only for my pleasure

Her fathomless eyes light a fire
Turning water to flames
It's only she, she be to blame

Am a stranger, eluded by her
She doesn’t know mw
But there are fumes in air
Fumes of strange chemistry evolving
That pushing two forbidden rocks
Close and free

Free to forget our plights
Now we have been rained on
With delights, that will exult us to skies
Skies of new heights, of leisures
In my miss' pleasures

Dormant and curious, now we are bursting
Bursting open like flower buds
In a bed of roses

Bodies startled and mind's wild imagination
Accentuating our eternal thirsts
We are now a live wire
Touch us we will burst

Life in her mellowed abounds
Caressing her around
She and hers exuberant aesthetics
Piercing me in a sudden thrill
Thinking off icing her
But ice ceases to chill

Shy is just a prelusion
An illusion of her fantasies and desires
Precautions for someone, Who can extinguish her fires
With his feminine calm and burning passion

I hyped her once
She'll look for hence
She's for me; my leisures
Free of fetters and restrains

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desire what desire so well expressed the human heart thirsts for it and this great poem expresses that condition so well keep up the good work