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Last Moment
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Last Moment

i remember the look in your eyes
it was something i just now realize.
the way it look like fear
like you really cared
afraid of what you were leaving behind
made you fight for more time.
only if i could of did more
but instead you went out the door
last time i saw you
and only memory that makes me blue.
nothing could of change that.
but, i wished i could have you back
nothing is what it seems
sometimes i feel i just got me
you were everything to me
now it feels i like i'm just empty.
nothing is the same after you left
but, there are things i wish i could of kept.
now i just have to accept
that you not by my side
being my guide
i guess there a time we got to let go
of all of the good things we want to hold,
to remember all of the good times
and the time we both cry.
that what is so great about life.
it seem to end when there're gone.
but they didn't go too far,
as everybody may think.


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This was so great that a family of GOD was created to fill a void of a heart., as this is today. Soul is seed and God is father. We have unbroken trust on him. An excellent poem is shared.10
galloping words that sooths the readers' souls. mark 10 shan
We ponder our fate only to find we're running late... i love that(: Great poem so deep
Wooow powerful words and i appreciate everything being said in this poem as i go church myself
He is the Eternal Seed. Brilliant! Read my poem, The Seed, different. LOve your poems.
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