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A Seed's Tweets.....!
SB (03-06-1990 / coimbatore (now in chennai) ..)

A Seed's Tweets.....!

Poem By shyam balaji

I remember a day 10 years back,
my eyes staring at a mango sack.
My sweet grandpa got it from his garden,
with so much love and affection laden.!
I grabbed one with my tender hands.
adoring with a kiddish innocence.
T'was yummy to the core,
an ultimate gourmet's desire!
'Slurpp'ed it in galloping speed,
nothing to impede except seed.!
threw it away into the backyard.
Now 10 yrs after, i look in front of me,
A massive giant mango tree.
Widespread with mighty branches,
covering neighbourhood ranches.!
With bundles of mangoes and leaves.
a living home for chirping birds and bees.!
A thought provoked my mind,
You never know how big u can become....
until you are thrown out to be on your own.! ! !

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I like the last 2 lines..... :) Beautiful :)