The Preface

Poem By Edward Taylor

The human eye of intricate and complex design
To give shape and form to every earthly line
Purpose and reason does reside inside the mind.

The mind opens the door for our eyes to see
To bring in the light and give thanks to thee
Imagine, to save another day, in our memory.

Color for our mind as an earthly prism
Surely the body stays and our mind is risen
Not acoording to man, but solely and only; God's decision.

It is not our senses that will eventually deceive
Our mind will expose what we did and what we believe
One child's intentional loss; and earth's soul does grieve.

We live in an environment and not just an earthly place
Why would not our children be in the image of God's face?
A mind and body is conditioned but our acts, are a disgrace.

We eat and drink for the chemicals our body does need
I know of not one living thing which does not produce a seed
Nor of any life, that is not totally dependent on energy.

The fingers can touch and the mind will see
We humans exist because of the creator's loving energy
Shakespeare's answer for life was; 'to be or not to be',

The senses and mind interpret acts of wrong from right
Evil intent is obvious for it existrs in darkness void of light
Man its ally; as he always does evil first, to show his might.

The eyes focus and the light surrounds and images do fly
Everything hs a reason and purpose; if we question why
Answers never forth coming; unless we are willing to try.

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