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A Self Proclaimed Iconoclast
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Self Proclaimed Iconoclast

When preaching to the multitudes
He taught by means of parable
to make it understandable.
Not merely mouthing platitudes.

Religious leaders of today.
Who have risen to prominence
would view it as great offence.
If you should question what they say.

You ask but they do not reply.
You are supposed to just accept
the rules they make as your precept.
A code of conduct to live by.

They daren’t admit they know no more
than you do. Maybe even less
of what they’re trying to express.
A fact they easily ignore.

Too busy building their career
and striving hard to make their name.
To most it’s just a power game.
It’s sad but it is true I fear.

Their myths and legends based upon
the simple truth which was once taught
corrupted now by after thought.
are merely man’s opinion.

They cannot teach what they don’t know.
Although they keep up the pretense
they can produce no evidence.
To show they know the way to go.

Relying on our ignorance.
We are brain washed in early youth
that our religion holds the truth.
There’s little room for tolerance.

You cannot force men to accept
that your way is the only way.
That’s why we’re in a mess today
The leaders of each church reject.

That tolerance can lead the way
to lasting peace and brotherhood
and put an end to shedding blood.
Admit that they have been led astray.

By bigots now and in the past.
Though not a prophet I forsee
no ending to the misery.
A self proclaimed iconoclast.


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Thank you for your fearless criticism of people like Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson. Little idols who use Jesus' name to gain power and fame. No other gods before Me - so many 'Christians' worship these petty human idols, swallow their prejudices and dislike of gays and all other outcasts, with whom Jesus would prefer to share a beer or a meal with - than them. Jesus told me personally: don't join another church...think for yourself...stay away from religion...read my words. Here's a quote I like: Of all worldly relationships, abide in me above all: first, last and always. Be not surprised, in this proper order of esteem, other worldly relationships are in fuller measure, in greater love. -Jesus, quoted in 'A 20th Century Miracle' Stay free and keep speaking out via your poetry.