JF (May 18,1961 / New Fairfield Ct)

A Send Off To Remember

There's nothing easy about losing a friend. You can
not escape the deep hollow feeling in your heart, no
matter what you do. The realness of the sensation
feels a bit like heartburn, a bit like dehydration, a bit
like someone is standing on your chest; and no
matter what you do to try and distract yourself, the
feeling is ever pervasive, Pain, loneliness, sorrow;
you just can't escape it.

As Jim discovered, life is short. You can either
guide it or let it guide you. If you don't take control,
you never know where you'll wind up and you cant
blame circumstance for misguiding you. You must
seize the moment, work hard and enjoy life. Which is
what Jim did.'It was a short life
lived well'

'In Memory of James Allyn Lester'

'A Send Off To Remember' John Faucett
Copyright ©2005 John Faucett

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