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A Sense Of Belonging

I envy those without the lust of wander in their homeplace contented for to stay
In their hometown they fall in love and wed and raise their children and never yearn for places far away
They do possess a strong sense of belonging that those with the lust of wander never could possess
The yearn for travel take some to new places and they often change their postal address

It must be a nice feeling the sense of belonging to feel contented in your old home-place
Where you do have the tag of truly local and yours is known as a familiar face
You've never yearned for places that are different for the big cities of the World out there
Though some of those that you did go to school with the wanderlust has lured them to elsewhere

You've never yearned to live and work in Paris or Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo or Rome
Whilst some others go off on their great adventures you are contented for to stay at home
Where you do feel a strong sense of belonging contented for to live amongst your own
Where to anybody you are not a stranger and you are loved, respected and well known

I envy those without the lust of wander contented to live amongst their own kind
They do not have in them the restless spirit to travel they have never felt inclined
They are blessed in their strong sense of belonging they never yearn for places far away
They find love, marry and do raise their children in place where they first saw the light of day.

by Francis Duggan

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