MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

A Senseless Poem For Senseless Entrepreneurs

The Honourable 'Stinky' Fartbutton
all his life felt put on
being burdened with such a name
until one dread night,
surfing a website,
he found he'd achieved a tasteless fame
blinking to the left of hallowed poetic text
on Poemhunter... 'Whatever next..? ! '
exclaimed The Honourable Asafoetida Fartbutton, B. Litt., and then
reached for his pen

(sorry, people, but really...)

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Here, Here, Michael...And all this time I thought I was just experiencing those flashbacks that dad warned me about In 'THE SUMMER of '69'! Hey, i'm in the Advertising business, so i can deal with the most abjectly absurd cojugations of Marketing...But this baby blows, literarily! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''frank