RLP (1960 / Colorado)

A Sentence For Nine

Outside these bars, the sky is dark
The rain, it still comes down
Of inside here I won't remark
You see I wear a frown
The dark of the sky, you can see it clear
It's the dark in here that we should fear
You see, they didn't know when they chained me here
That more than one would shed a tear
You see, I'm not in here all alone
This body I don't wholly own
I share it with these others who
Take their time when their time is due
There are the two who write in prose
As you can see, I'm one of those.
There are the two trapped in the mirror
Which one is which is never clear
There is the one, the man of Mars
We try to let him sleep
You see he only knows of war
But one key he does keep
There is the priest and theSilent One
Two of the three that know the Son
Of two I am only dimly aware
Known only to me by the keys that they bear
Of one I am not permitted to sing
Suffice it to say

by Robert Lloyd Palmer

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