Hymn. (Spirit! Who Fill'st...)

SPIRIT! who fill'st the earth and skies!
From Nature's scenes I hear arise,
A voice, that sweetly tells my soul
Thy pow'r and love have form'd the whole.

Thy goodness marks the blooming spring,
And happy birds thy praises sing;
Each budding tree, and opening flower,
Proclaims, with love, almighty power.

I hear thee when the thunders roll,
And reverence fills my awe-struck soul;
While lightnings flashing thro' the sky
Seem like the glances of thine eye.

The fading leaf, the withering flow'r,
Are emblems of my dying hour;
They lead my thoughts, Great God! to thee-
To Heaven and Immortality.

When wintry tempests furious sweep,
And swell the billows of the deep,
That soaring foam along the shore,
I gaze, I wonder, and adore.

I think of that great awful day
When earth and sea shall melt away;
Perish 'mid flames wide circling round,
And sink to shades of night profound.

Being supreme! be thou my friend;
Then I shall smile at Nature's end,
And safe in thine almighty aid
Survive- tho' Suns and Systems fade!

by Susan Evance

Comments (12)

'When the crickets stopped their cry, When the owls forbore a term, You heard music; that was I' - So wonderful, sounds like music to my ears! 'Life was dead and so was light' - Such a sublime expression!
Great poem with some exceptional stanzas. When the fire-fly hides its spot, ``When the garden-voices fail ``In the darkness thick and hot, - - ``Shall another voice avail, ``That shape be where these are not?
A beautifully conceived life song rich in rhythm, rhyme and meaning too. Enjoyed the melodious song.
Enjoyed the poetic softness through out this poem.
Every four lines have its own meaning.
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