A Serenade (Haiku # 10)

Your guitar I heard,
in the silence of the night;
Your sweet voice lulled me.

by Jez C Brul

Comments (8)

Superb Haiku/ Senryu/ 10/10
Lovely Haiku.....! Music flowing into the ears in the serenity of the night will surely take us to a magic land of romantic ecstasy! It has the power to lull all our aches!
In the silence of the night. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I wonder what's love, but I feel it by my all senses. The poetess heard it as a tune of guitar and the tune lulled her to a sleep f lovely dreams. A beautiful Haiku.
Just perfect - a homage to the amorous excellence of music and perhaps the dream of a romantic love experience with no problems because the trust is so firm and the night so intoxicating.
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