MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

How Did You Meet Your Wife?

Swimming the English Channel,
struggling to make it to Calais,
I swam into Laura halfway across.
My body oiled for warmth,
black rubber cap on my head,
eyes hidden behind goggles,
I was exhausted, ready to drown,
when I saw her coming toward me,
bobbing up and down between waves,
effortlessly doing a breaststroke,
heading for Dover. Treading water
I asked in French if she spoke English,
and she said, "Yes, I'm an American."
I said, "Hey, me too," then asked her out for coffee.

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rich and deep hues of blues, lovely to read.
Each of the series has some incredible lines it. But my favorite line, the yummiest line is our lashes tangle. Lovely.