RF (02/09/1954 / Perth, Ontario)

A Series Of Nows

At its most basic
The experience of life
Is a series of nows
In the form of neurological impulses
Being discharged in the brain
The past is constantly revised
Reprogrammed and filtered
While the present flood of data
Enters the thalamus for processing
And is then sent onward
Either to the superficial cortex
Of the deep cortex
Thus life is perceived
In so many different ways
Perhaps with contrived grandeur
Overwhelming wonderment and awe
Of with shock and horror
Or more often as banal and mundane
Depending on the external stimuli
And how it is processed
In light of the past experiences
And current events interacting.

by Raymond Farrell

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A perfect description of the process of perception and the meaning (if any) of; Now