A Servant When He Reigneth

Three things make earth unquiet
And four she cannot brook
The godly Agur counted them
And put them in a book --

by Rudyard Kipling Click to read full poem

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Beautifully written this poem I would like to read this poem again and again
Nice and sweet poem
The rhyme scheme is amazing! ! ! ! Quite deserving of being poem of the day👏👏💯
so nice poem i read it keep it up, , superb superb superb
it has a great inner meaning what touched my feelings. Thanks anyway for sharing with us...
so nice poem i read it keep it up
A poem based on the Bible with a meaningful message. A great write.
Such a brilliant write by Rudyard Kipling.....
A Servant when He Reigneth Throws the blame on some one else... true dictum. Beautifully ceafted poem. Thanks and congratulations to your soul for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
Throws the blame on some one else great poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
excellent. an important message.
Excellent write. Leaders and citizens both need to be reminded of that.
Hard to bind! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Oh, a Servant when he Reigneth Is more than ever slave! A slave is not greater than the Master.....The Master HImself has served the sinners who are all slaved by sin....
This poem is insightful, so applying it to the ineptness of one administration is folly. They are all inept. The US govt is a big fat pig that will be gutted.
I read this pearl of wisdom(and prophesy) to my children the day Bill Clinton became President!