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A Sex Worker (2) (A Bogus Blonde Beauty)

Taiwan is a country..democratic and great.
From China she came to there by bogus marriage.
to work as a prostitute for money sake,
thus an easy money she could make.

But sex industry in TW was very competitive,
and was not that lucrative.
To earn a good profit,
she made a business gimmick,
which was very creative.
She knew the men prefer woman from countries..exotic.
She kept her silky hair long,
and dyed them golden blonde.
to look like a Euro girl
so that the men gazed and stared
with their mouth watered.
She spoke chinese very less,
with Euro accent,
flinging her hair
with erotic smell.
For Euro white
the charge was twice.
One day while having sex,
the customer and she both naked.
At that moment the police raided the room to check.
She was scared almost to death.
She asked the man to quickly get dressed,
in spoken-chinese very fluent.
All her pretension absolutely shed.
The police put her under arrest.
To China she was going to be sent.
She wept with her teeth gnashed.

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