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A Sex Worker (3) (She Swallowed The Pride And....)

When her husband died early,
she felt her world shattered suddenly.
He was the sole bread-earner.
She with no schooling became a manual worker.
A small salary couldn't make the ends meet,
life was really hard and difficult indeed.
To fill her kid's stomach with enough food,
she would neither steal or loot.
She took the world's oldest profession,
it was selling sex in prostitution.
She knew it was not right,
but she had to swallow her pride.
It was her part-time job,
her heart wept with a sob.
It was a way of no other ways,
she worked on night of Saturday,
and slept all day on Sunday.

Then one night
with a scary fright.
The police went to check,
while she and John during the sexual act.
She wanting to destroy the evidence,
hurriedly with a feeling so reluctance,
put the semen-filled condome in her mouth,
The police couldn't find though thoroughly sought.
The police then asked her name,
her answer came out very strange,
Her voice babbling and slurred,
the condome popped out from mouth corner.
She wept with her teeth gnashed,
as she was put under arrest.
Gone were the kid's school fees,
She didn't know how to face them when she was free..

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Comments (3)

A heart breaking portrait and all too common. How we mistreat and abuse those who bring us to this planet.
I find it very realistic but semen part seems artificial. It Is a bitter truth which we have to accept.
What a mind numbing experience....iip