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A Sex Worker (4) (Condom Dilemma)

A sex worker
having many different customers.
Some wore condom to protect
from infecting himself.
Some didn't wear latex.
They wanted direct contact with her flesh.
When refused by her,
coming next time would be 'never'.
Once she had a handsome man regularly patronized,
she felt a crush on him at first sight.
She wanted to carry his baby
but impossible for him to marry.
One day she asked him not to wear rubber barrier,
so that he could have a full sexual pleasure.
He could not believe
she might have an ulterior motive.
He immediately put on his pant and left.
Since then he never came back.
He couldn't afford to give child support.
In paternity legal case he didn't want to be involved.
For her it was no fault
to have in her heart a soft spot.

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Sex workers I believe are like all any other person. They are not merely sex objects but people with emotions...but in the end everyone has a choice and that is either to keep doing and not to keep doing.