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A Sex Worker (5) (Not At My Backyard)

The world's oldest business
It is woman selling sex.
They do it secret
because the police would catch
and punish with a heavy fine
causing loss of many dimes.
It should be legal
to make their life easier.
The government wants a place for Red Light
' Not at my backyard' objected with all might
by the angry neighbors
fearing their kids copy the bad example
and their house price getting lower.
No way they had shown
by throwing the very first stone.
Some women do it willingly
because they earn easy money
without caring any dignity
but with caring to buy LV or Gucci.
Some women do it because they have no other way.
Many bills they have to pay
including children school fees without delay,
medical fees of parents who are old and frail.
Whatever the reason or excuse
it can't be denied or refused.
No matter legal or illegal
prostitution won't disappear
so long as there are men and women
till the world ends.

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